If you are or were an underwriter, commercial underwriter, or similar position for any Financial Institution (“Financial Institutions” or “your current or former employer”) within the past six years, you may be entitled to back wages for time you were permitted to work over 40 hours in a week.

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You may be owed this money even if you agreed to work this extra time, and even if you did not expect to get paid for it.

This is true regardless of whether your underwriter, commercial underwriter, or similar position was referred to as an “exempt” position.

If you fit the criteria above, then you may be entitled to overtime payments through class action lawsuits that may be commenced against various Financial Institutions, dependent upon the outcome of our investigation.

Our investigation of Financial Institutions’ pay practices with regard to underwriters, commercial underwriters, and similar positions indicates thus far that many underwriters and similar positions are misclassified as employees not entitled to earn overtime compensation. Our law firm may commence class action lawsuits against various Financial Institutions in the near future.

If you decide to participate in this investigation and any potential lawsuit, please complete both the Information Sheet and Consent Form and return them to our office.

If you would like to participate in only the investigation and later decide whether to participate in any future lawsuit, then complete and return only the Information Sheet to our office.

If you choose to participate in our investigation, then you must preserve all documents and electronic files related to your employment that are in your possession or control. To participate in any lawsuit, however, you must complete the Consent Form, which must be filed with the Court. Should we commence a lawsuit against your current or former employer and a Court then determines that you are entitled to back wages, including overtime, then at that time the Court will decide how much overtime is owed to you.

You May Qualify to Join this Investigation If:


You are or were employed by a Financial Institution as an underwriter, commercial underwriter, or similar position at some point during the past six years;*


You were permitted by the Financial Institution to work for more than 40 hours in a week for at least one week; and


You were not paid time and one-half for hours you worked over 40 in at least one week.

* The number of years that an individual’s claims will cover varies depending on the state in which the individual was employed as an underwriter or commercial underwriter. The six year example is based upon the New York State statute of limitations for the potential claims. Other state statutes of limitations vary and may be shorter than the six years allowed in New York State. Potential claims under federal law may go back as far as three years.

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